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Sega Saturn Switchless Guide

Based on AD65 Serial Number shown below

First we need to cut a few tracks starting with JP10 & JP12 located in area 1 above.

Now head to area 2 can cut JP20

Time to flip over the board to Area 3

be careful not to damage the door close switch when working on the bottom

Next job on the rear is to cut the track that controls the 50hz/60hz modes

Cut the track in-between the the vias, marked in yellow. You will be soldering on to the bottom via near where it is marked TP103 (in blue circle below)

Cut the link on JP7 shown below

While on the bottom solder a wire onto JP6

Back on the front, stick the chip in a suitable location

Install the JP6 wire on to the board along with the power wires. 5V can be sourced from L2 and ground from CE38

Now connect wires from JP10 & JP12 in area 1 to the relevant pads on the chip

Now we need to link the 50/60 wire from Area 4 to the board

Next we move on to the separate board with the reset button and controller ports

Remove the original LED

Turn to the bottom of the board and cut the track from the reset button

and solder a wire at each end on the track

Connect the 4 wires back to the chip, Sitting the boards back in to the case will doing this helps with wire lengths and routing

There is a convenient slot in the metal heat shield for the wires to fit

This is the modification complete, please fully assemble the console before testing as the PSU does have exposed high voltage components.

To check the regions are working correctly you can go into the Saturn's settings menu and read the region code in the bottom right of the screen.

USA - NTSC-4-V1.01a
JAPAN - NTSC-1-V1.01a