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Sega Saturn Switchless Guide

Based on VA0 motherboard shown below

To mount your chip, peel of the top layer from the double sided tape and stick it in a suitable location

Start on the rear off the board where you will be making four connections but you need to prepare them first

In area 1 use a sharp blade to cut the jumper links from JP6, JP10 & JP12

Next job is in Area 2, remove the resistor that controls the 50hz/60hz modes at JP2

Now connect the JP6, JP10 & JP12 to the relevant pads of the new PCB

Connect JP2 to the 50/60 pad of the new PCB

You also need to connect power to the chip, I have connected the “-” pad to the outer grounding points. I have connected the “+” pad to a 5v source at the fuse jumper.

Next we need to splice in to the Reset button wire

you do not need to remove it from the console to do this but it may be easier if you do

at the plug side we will be cutting the wire going to the center pin of the connector.

Cut the wire and connect the side heading to the reset button to the BTN pad on the PCB

Connect the wire closest to the plug to the RST pad of the PCB
You will need to extend these wire to make them reach

Now its time to install the LED,

Depending on the size of the hole on your original power LED you may be able to desolder the old LED from the PCB and installed the ground leg of the new LED directly in to the original board for a easy mount in the console.

If the LED does not fit in the hole you can just us hot glue your LED in to place

Below you can see both the modified reset button and LED board installed back in to the top case.

Last thing to do is to solder the reset and LED wires to the PCB.

I know it can be exciting to test out the modification once you are finished but please rebuild your console to make sure it is isolated before testing as the power supply runs from mains voltage and you don't want to be touching it when it is switched on.. Trust me!

To check each region is working correctly you will need to go in to the Saturn's settings menu and read the code in the bottom right of the screen.

Hold down the reset button and check each colour individually.

USA - NTSC-4-V1.01a
JAPAN - NTSC-1-V1.01a